Software Support Test Department

    Welcome to your "MaQma Helpdesk" playground, your testing "Software Support" one-on-one support department which you can now play with before you decide to buy it.

    Do you sell for a fee Joomla extensions? Are you a software products or services provider? Do you run an e-commerce site? If you answered "Yes" to one of these questions, then check here for free if our "MaQma Helpdesk" extension for Joomla! CMS can help you bring your customer support to that next level.

    Please note: Access to additional functions currently not available, login to gain greater access.

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    Passwords for demo site

    1. Back end login:
      1. Username: admin
      2. Password: ClabDemo123
    2. Front end logins:
      1. Support user:
        1. Username: support
        2. Password: support
      2. Helpdesk user:
        1. Username: user
        2. Password: user

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